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Vis Entertainment


The Eagle Building, Edinburgh

The fit out and internal refurbishment of the Eagle Building represents Nicoll Russell Studios latest commission from the computer games developer, Vis Entertainment. Its accommodation includes a reception, foyer, administration pool, 109 staff spaces with extensive IT provision, 3 touch down meeting spaces, kitchen, relaxation spaces and various configurations of meeting rooms which can accommodate between 3 to 40 people depending upon their layout.
That accommodation was delivered within a net area of 10,060 ft² using a system of office furniture which could easily accommodate multiple PCs, scanners, printers, and screens, etc. potentially at each workstation. The IT infrastructure was available throughout each of the three floor plates to allow the use of promotional or presentational material on integrated plasma screens and projectors in the reception and meeting room spaces. This approach, in tandem with the selection of suitable modular furniture, has created a highly flexible environment which can be replanned to meet the evolving demands of various software teams with their own security, equipment and staff requirements.

Photography : David Tipping for NRS