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Medina is the new face of the former Bar Rio, located in the heart of Dundee’s cultural quarter. The client approached Nicoll Russell Studios to design a scheme that would completely change the interior of his existing bar and restaurant without the use of any builders work and a scheme that could be delivered within a 2 week time frame.
NRS wanted to create a new ambiance and atmosphere that would capture the imagination of the passing trade within the cultural quarter and entice the public in for closer inspection. NRS recognised that the brief could only be achieved through the use of new furniture, materials, paint finishes and light fittings. Medina draws its inspiration from Moroccan and North African influences. This would be Dundee’s first Moroccan bar and offer a radically different interior that could be delivered within the constraints of the brief.
The use of the bold Moroccan window graphics teamed with sheer fabrics and curtains create a layered frontage that is intriguing to the customer looking out and the pedestrian looking in. Authentic Moroccan pouffs, custom designed fret cut Moroccan sofas, poseur tables and an eclectic mix of patterned fabrics all re-enforce the strong Moroccan concept. The variety of different perforated iron wall lights and pendants all sourced from Morocco. Allow varying light qualities and shadows to be cast, creating an authentic North African atmosphere. The use of spice coloured walls and textured fabrics and candle lit tables allow a warming and relaxing environment to sit, eat or drink.

Photography : Scott McIntyre for NRS